Is Your Roof Right for Solar

You might be thinking about making the switch to solar in Park City but are wondering if your roof is right for solar? All though most roofs are eligible for some sort of solar power, some roofs are better than others. Let’s explore what affects the effectiveness of solar panels in Utah.

One of the first things that we look at when inspecting a roof is how unobstructed the view of the sky is. Trees and other structures can cause shadows to obstruct the view of sun which will cause loss of efficiency in solar panels. Checking to see how shaded your roof is an important first step when considering solar panels in Park City.

The next thing that we look at is the orientation of your roof. South facing roofs are the most effective for solar arrays. They get the most Sun exposure which will decrease your payoff time and system size.  Although south facing pitches are the most effective for solar, east and west facing roofs will also work. Most times a few extra panels need to be added to compensate for the reduced sun exposure.

The type of roof and materials on your roof can also effect what options are available for your home. If your roofing material has reflective properties, a bifacial solar panel would be a good option. Bifacial work by having solar cells on both sides of the panel and collect light not only from direct sunlight but also from the light that is reflected off of your roof. 

If you want more information specific to your home, give us a call and we can let you know what options are available for your home.