SolarWorld Wins Best Overall Solar Panels.

When looking at getting solar on your home, choosing the right solar panel is important. We have written about the importance of choosing the right panel, you can read that article here. Recently, SolarWorld’s solar panels were rated the best overall panels of 2016 by Nine of SolarWorld’s solar panels met the requirements of and outperformed their competitors. How exactly did choose the best panels? 

 “We focused just on residential solar arrays (also called solar photovoltaic or PV systems), and went big and broad to start, compiling a long list of panel models from major vendors and industry reviews. From there, we weeded out any solar panel not currently in production: While discontinued panels may seem like a steal, engineer and professor Dr. Tom Lombardo confirms that “the first thing not to focus on is the price. Buying the least expensive panels may result in lower quality, and if the company goes out of business, the warranty is useless.” With that in mind, we also eliminated solar panels from companies that were defunct, seeking bankruptcy protection, up for sale, or otherwise financially unstable, leaving us with 188 panels.”        

SolarWorld beat out Canadian Solar, Kyocera, CentroSolar, and GrapeSolar.  SolarWorld also had the highest efficiency solar panel out of the group of finalists. We became SolarWorld Authorized Installers because of the same reasons that decided to rate SolarWorld as the manufacturer of the best solar panels; they have a great warranty, fantastic customer service, and the highest quality products. As the only SolarWorld Authorized Installer in Park City, we are proud to be installing the best solar panels on the market. Our commitment to providing you with the best quality materials and service is only reaffirmed when our partners are given awards for quality and service. 

“It has nine panels that hit our benchmarks, including the Sunmodule Plus SW 285-300 Mono (5-busbar), which at 17.89 percent, had the highest efficiency rating out of all the panels we looked at.”

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