SunPower Releases the Most Powerful Panel Ever Made


SunPower has been a leader in solar panel manufacturing for over a decade, and their recent announcement of their new A-series solar panel shows why.

SunPower recently announced that they would begin selling the most powerful solar panels ever made, a new 400W and 415W panel for residential use.

SunPower has shown that they are capable of pushing solar technology as far as possible and these new panels are no exception.

Let’s take a look at the new SunPower A series panel and what it means for homeowners and the future of solar panel manufacturing.

Engineered from SunPower's Next Generation Technology

SunPower is well known for its patented Maxeon solar cells which are built on a solid copper foundation, unlike traditional solar cells.

The cooper foundation adds high reliability and performance and make SunPower solar panels virtually impervious to corrosion and cracking that commonly occurs on conventional panels.

SunPower has been perfecting their 5th generation maxeon solar cell in their silicon valley research center for use in the new A-series panels.

The new A-series solar panels are made with the 5th generation Maxeon cells which are 65% larger than Gen 4 Maxeon solar cells. The new larger cells can capture more light than previously possible.

This new technology is going to have an impact on what is possible with solar on homes.

What Are The Benefits of The New SunPower Panels for Homeowners?

SunPower’s new 400-watt panel is top of the line when it comes efficiency. The new 400W panels offer an industry leading 22.3% efficiency. That means more sunlight is converted into energy.

A conventional system would require 22, 260W solar panels to cover a home 5.5KW energy requirements. With the new SunPower 400W panel though, that same home could have its energy requirements met by 14 panels.

That leaves plenty of room for expanding a system and adding an electric car charger or adding extra panels for a hot tub or heated driveway.

Additionally, If you had two systems each with 15 panels, but one used SunPower’s new A-series solar panels versus conventional panels, the SunPower system ends up producing 45% more power with the same number of panels.


Homeowners with large electrical bills can offset more or all of their power bill even with limited roof space.

Although the SunPower 400W was just announced, it is now available for homeowners.


SunPower continues to push solar technology forward, and the new A-series solar panels demonstrate this.

SunPower has made the worlds most powerful solar panels for residential use with the new 400W and 415W solar panels.

The Maxeon Gen 5 solar cell used in the new A-series makes it possible to achieve power generation levels that have never been reached before.

These new solar panels are going to allow homeowners with bigger power bills or homeowners with limited roof space to offset more of their power and possibly eliminate their power bill altogether.