SunPower's Most Powerful Solar Panel Ever

Last March, SunPower announced it most powerful residential solar panel it had ever created. The new panel improved on their previous X-series solar panels and increased the watts per panel to 370W.

The new 370W panel offers incredible power generation capabilities when compared to traditional solar panels. SunPower’s new 370-watt residential solar panels offer 20 to 40 percent more power per panel than conventional solar panels.

Because each SunPower panel can produce more energy, it reduces the amount of panels the homeowners need to offset their power bills.

Homes with limited roof space or big power bills, will be very benefited from the new 370W panel.

SunPower’s new 370-watt panel is top of the line when it comes efficiency. The new 370W panels offer an industry leading 22.7% efficiency.  That means more sunlight is converted into energy.

A conventional system would require 22, 260W solar panels to cover a home 5.5KW energy requirements. With the new SunPower 370 though, that same home could have its energy requirements met by 15 panels.

That leaves plenty of room fro expanding a system and adding an electric charger or adding extra panels for a hot tub.

Although the SunPower 370W was announced in March of 2018, it is finally becoming available this year. We have met with our SunPower rep and they have confirmed the panels availability for 2019.