Top 3 Reasons to get Heat Cable in Park City


What is Heat Cable?

Heat cable or heat trace is a snow melt solution for your roof.

You have likely seen it on homes all around Park City; it’s the black cable that can be seen on the eaves (edges of a roof) and valleys of a home.

How Does Heat Cable Work & What does It do?

Heat cable melts snow off of your roof by heating up to above freezing temperatures.  

It is attached to the eaves, valleys, and gutters of your home that are susceptible to ice dams and heavy snow build up.

When temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the heat cable automatically begins to heat up to prevent ice from forming. 

Additionally,  it is possible to get a smart heat cable system installed that allows you turn your heat cable on and off right from your phone. This can help save you money on your energy bill.


Top 3 Reasons You Need Heat Cable

Heat Cable Keeps You Safe

If your home has walking paths that are underneath roof sections or dormers, heat cable could be the difference between someone getting seriously injured and staying safe.

Snow can unexpectedly sheet off of these areas and can push hundreds of pounds of ice and snow on top of someone.

Last year there was an unfortunate situation where snow sheeted off the edge of a roof and killed a man in Park City.

Staying safe is the single most important reason to consider getting heat cable on your home. 

Heat cable Eliminates Ice Dams and Prevents frozen gutters

During the winter, snow sits on top of your house and can stay for months.  This is especially true in areas that don't get much sun.

This isn’t a big deal if your roof is properly sealed and insulated but constant freezing and thawing can cause serious issues.

As temperatures rise, the snow on your roof starts to melt and water flows to your eaves, valleys, and gutters.

Temperatures can fluctuate from above freezing to below freezing a few times within a single day, and can cause your gutters to get backed up with ice.

This cycle of thawing and freezing happens over and over throughout the winter. This allows ice to build up and grow.

Ice buildups can grow to weigh hundred of pounds.

These blocks of ice can suddenly break and harm your gutter, shingles, windows, siding, and decks.

We have seen ice dams crash into a living room,  shatter windows, and destroy decks.

By installing heat cable in potential problem areas and stringing it inside of your gutters, you are able to ensure that an ice block never happens and ice dams don’t build up.

Heat Cable Extends Your Roof's Life.

When water thaws and freezes over and over, it can find it’s way behind shingles and into small cracks.

As water freezes, it expands and can turn a small crack in a shingle into a serious leak area.

Additionally, as ice dams build and slide off of a roof, shingles are usually torn off in the process, leaving a vulnerability in your roof system.

By having these areas covered with heat cable, you never have to worry about ice dams that will decrease your roofs lifespan.

Heat Cable: A Great Solution For Winter Roof Problems.

In conclusion, heat cable can keep you and your family safe, extend your roofs life, prevent ice dams, and prevent frozen gutters. 

If you have had problems in the past with ice dams and leaks, heat cable might be your solution.