Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar energy has a big impact on the environment. 

A 7 Kilowatt solar array is calculated to offset as much CO2 as 59 trees per year. By making the switch to solar you are making a significant difference. 

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Shining The Light On Solar



Tax Incentives and technological advancements have made solar more affordable than ever.


Solar is saving families thousands in utility bills and is paying back in just 8 years on average.



We bring you the best solar and roofing knowledge to ensure the job is done right.



Solar helps reduce an average homes CO2 emissions by 178 tons.

Forward Thinking

Utility cost are rising 6% - 8% per year. Lock in your rate and plan for the future.


Show the community that your are leading the renewable energy revolution.


Designed For You  

At On Top Solar we are committed to running a reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable business. We value being transparent and different than other solar companies. Our goal is to run the type of solar company that we would want to personally do business with. We are continuing our commitments to exceptional customer service and quality workmanship that made us the #1 roofing company in Park City. 

From the first time you give us a call to long after your solar panels are live, our goal is to provide you with an amazing solar experience. This means a personalized solar process, the highest quality service, an unrivaled warranty, and the highest quality products.

Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to improve their communities by providing access to sources of clean and sustainable energy. We believe in thinking differently about energy.


After much research and testing, On Top Solar and Electric has partnered with SolarWorld to be our solar panel supplier. SolarWorld has been perfecting it's solar cell design for 40 years and can now proudly say that they are America's largest solar manufacturer and were the first to offer a 25 year warranty on their panels. SolarWorld panels are extensively tested to withstand hail, salt, snow, extreme wind, and just about anything nature will throw at them. 

Our partnership makes it possible to bring you the finest solar photovoltaic systems that perform and look great.



Our Ultimate Goal


We want to lead the sustainable energy revolution in Park City so that our beautiful mountain town can become an example of what is possible. We envision a future where all homes and businesses in Park City have solar panels on their roofs collecting power from the Sun. We want to help make Park City a leader in sustainable energy and turn it into one of the greenest towns in the United States.



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