Melt Your Ice Problems The Smart Way

Smart Heat Cable


Welcome to Future of Heat Cable


Access Anywhere

Turn your heat cable on while on your couch or on the road.  We connect your heat cable to your wi-fi, making it possible to control from anywhere in the world.


Simple Controls

With the Avi-on app, you are able to easily turn you heat cable on and off.



Gone are the days of keeping your heat cable on all winter.  With smart cable, it is easy to turn your system on and off; reducing wasted energy.


Energy Savings

By only keeping your heat cable on when you need it, you can reduce your winter electrical bill by up to 75%.


How it Works


Bluetooth Controller

By installing an Avi-on powered smart switches, we are able to program your heat cable to work right from your phone.

We install switches where needed and then program them to work together. 

Making it simple to turn your entire heat cable system on and off.

Raychem WinterGard

We've tested many different heat cable brands and Raychem stands out above the rest.

Raychem WinterGard Plus heat trace cable is a professional-grade, 6-watt/foot, self-regulating electric heating cable that is designed for Utah winters.



Smartphone Integration

We connect your smartphone to your heat cable system through the Avi-On app.

Making it easy to turn on and off.


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