Leave it better than you found it.

Our daily activities make an impact on the planet. With solar, you can dramatically reduce your impact.


Co2 emmisions by sector

Shown in percentages.

Fossil Fuels Impact

It's a simple fact at this point, fossil fuels harm the environment.

More than 18 million metric tons of CO2(carbon dioxide) are released into the atmosphere every single day in the United States.

A major portion of all carbon dioxide emissions produced are directly related to producing Electricity.

Fortunately, human ingenuity has given us a solution to our problem, solar energy.  


Solar Makes A Difference

The environment thanks each person that makes the switch to solar. Your average sized solar array has the same environmental impact as planting 59 mature trees. 

A 7 KW(kilowatt) solar array will reduce your yearly carbon emissions by 11,303 lbs.  

Fortunately, Solar has also become very affordable. You get to enjoy the environmental benefits while saving yourself thousands.