Let's build something amazing.

Together, we have already reduced local carbon emissions by over 100,000 lbs./year.


 Join the green energy revolution.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

Shining the light on Solar

Solar vs. Fossil Fuels


Solar Energy

The average system eliminates 9800 lbs. of CO2/yr.

Homeowners save up to 40% on their power bill.

Lock-in your energy rate.

Energy Independence

Raises your homes equity.


Fossil Fuels

Account for 87% of all human caused carbon emissions.

Electrical rates rising between 5% & 6% annually

Cause climate change

Destroy habitats and biodiversity

Eco-Friendly & Wallet Friendly

Switching to solar not only generates green energy, it also generates green in your wallet.  Fix your energy rate and start saving.

Save up to 40%

Save money on your energy bill with clean, renewable energy.


Zero Upfront & Zero Down

Choose a solar loan and pay zero upfront or pay upfront to maximize your saving.

Professional Installation

Our installation crews are roofing certified to ensure leak and damage free installation. We guarantee all of our installations.


Quality products and people.

  • All of our solar installation crews are On Top Roofing certified to ensure hassle free and leak free installations, guaranteed. 
  • We only install high quality solar panels. We have various panel manufactures that produce highly efficient and durable solar panels. We choose the best panel for your home that will give you the quickest payback and highest return on your investment. 

  • Our warranty is unrivaled. We not only give you a great 25 year warranty on your panels but also on your roof*.


More than Solar.

Our core purpose is to create positive change. It is our belief that we each have a responsibility to be conscious of our effects on the planet and to actively work towards reducing our impact to a sustainable level.

Providing people with sustainable products is one way that we are creating a positive change, but there is more that can be done . This is why we have committed 1% of our revenue to local and state non-profit organizations that focus on environmental conservation.